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You Arrived Here for a Reason...


A name I coined to describe a person who is determined to achieve future goals and has overcome past goals by Slaying the Nay (eliminating the negativity of their mind and other's viewpoints). Our group is focused on women in business and those wanting to start one. We tell their stories (diaries) to inspire others and we provide the support and resources they need to get their business to the next level, conquer goals and change lives.

- Jenny Marie, Founder

Hey Girl!

The idea for this group was an evolution of over 14 years. It was a combination of my love for writing, hearing other people's stories, and my struggles with starting a full-time business as a solopreneur. I was overwhelmed, stressed, not making money, didn't know how to succeed, and felt very alone as a budding business owner. I never forgot that. So here I am, bringing together all ambitious business women around the world to share their stories, inspire other women, learn how to succeed faster and promote their business to make more money!

Jenny Marie, Multipreneur

LV | Florida | Author

“I want you to know that I think of you fondly, often, and I appreciate the investment you have made in my life.”
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Free Membership

We offer a free membership because it is beneficial to the community to have as many members as possible. We continually post free stories on our website and social media to inspire our audience, which also serves as advertising for our new members! The more we grow across the world, the more we change people's lives by achieving goals and telling our stories! There are many ways to connect and learn how to take your business to the next level.

JR | California | Marketing Guru

“You are absolutely an awesome coach who takes a lot of stress and organizing off my shoulders.”


Our monthly memberships are designed to help women grow their business and make money faster.  We offer live, professional coaching to provide solutions and strategy. Our intention is to provide as much value as possible in packages that fit within our member's budgets. We want to help motivate you, inspire ideas, lessen overwhelm, make more money and get to the next level of your life and business!

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Conquer goals and change lives! Choose from a free membership or our Coaching options! Just tell us about yourself and once approved, you will receive the Free Member perks!

Want to inquire about coaching immediately or need a question answered, message us here!

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